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Brand Activations

Revealing your brand at an event can make or break a campaign. Concise and integrated event promotion is the key to high respondent rates and a successful turnout.

LiveWorks event planning and project management facilitates events from product launches to national conventions. Whether your approach is hands-on or off, liveWorks is here to make your event happen effortlessly.

From venue finding, to accommodation, transfers, catering, and enhancements such as theming or finding a speaker, we will make sure that your clients remember your event as the best they’ve ever been to.

Creative Design

As a leader in design, LiveWorks provides just the right amount of creativity. It is not just about how great our designs look;

it’s about ensuring the designs we create match the culture and energy of the organisation.

Corporate design and identity creation and development is a core element of our creative mix; from logo design to brochure creation and marketing collateral development, LiveWorks blends the right amount of creative flair with breakthrough strategic focus to produce pioneering corporate brand identities. We spend quality time with our clients ensuring the solutions we offer are based on the company’s essence. The employees reflect it is essential we know our clients as well as they know themselves. A “one hat fits all” approach is never viable.



Public Relations

At LiveWorks, we talk with passion and guts - and that translates into our PR too.

PR is no longer done just on paper. We will determine what image and audience perceptions will help you reinforce your brand.

We then set communications targets, monitor progress over time and, where needed, suggest redirection or remedial action. But that’s not all that we do - we also measure the success of any PR campaign by analysing the new media content and tell you about your media content in comparison to your competitors.

“We also believe “growth” is a natural extension of our work. Our services transfer real value to clients and help them grow. It’s a in-win trategy – when our clients grow, we grow with them. Hands-on, we learn by co-working; by trying out exciting new things and learning by doing.”

Our Philosophy




Our motivation is to work with people who have a positive impact on modern society. And for over 8 years we have chosen only to work with people who share our values and concerns. This is why we diligently understand our clients and the sectors they work in.

“If it looks good but somehow still feels ‘wrong’, then it won’t engage your customers or encourage them to come back. Over years we explore, discover and collaborate with our clients throughout the design process - effectively crafting each project into a unique and engaging digital experience..”